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 We first started planning our Georgian street food venture in 2014.  Our friends and neighbours tried Georgian food, usually for the first time, and told us it deserved to be eaten by more people. And when we started investigating, we realised that the spices and pickles traditionally used in Georgian cuisine just weren’t available – not only in the UK, but generally outside Georgia. 

 So, because we like a challenge, we decided to do something about that. We went back to Georgia and talked to local farmers and producers.  We did extensive research and finally, in partnership with other Georgian food enthusiasts, we exclusively importing this range of products. In June 2015 we began cooking our food at food markets in Reading, Berkshire. 

  The reaction was brilliant and soon after our launch, we had a regular customer base of office workers who would spend their lunchbreaks eating boxes and wraps packed with Adjika spiced chicken, Aphkazura-meatballs, grilled Aubergine-Rolls and spiced Lobio-Beans.  Not only that, but we also attracted local traders and caterers, who saw opportunity and had never tried Baje(our spiced sauce with walnuts), Tkemali (wild cherry plum sauce), Qvevri-Wine, or Georgian organic alpine tea.

  In July 2016 we ran a pop-up at the Horn(pub) in Reading and in September 2016 we transferred for a residency at The Turk’s, also in Reading, bringing Georgian food to an even wider audience.  

The reception was fantastic and a combination of word of mouth and rave write-ups in Reading’s local food blog meant, that by the time we ended our residency in June 2017 more people were eating and cooking Georgian food than ever before.  We had customers from as far afield as Bristol within the UK, and also served Georgian customers visiting this country. 

We continue to cook weekly at Reading’s Blue Collar Food Market and we are actively looking at other opportunities to keep bringing this unique, exciting cuisine to the wider audience it deserves.  

Our promise


  When it comes to importing, we’ll not only buy the best products, but also partner with people who share our values. 


Georgian farmers are real heroes, in most cases carrying on a business they have inherited from generations of ancestors, often without any real help or support.   Some live in remote mountainous areas where the roads are closed for much of the year due to treacherous weather, and when they do find vendors for their goods they’re often at risk of exploitation. 


 By buying our products, you help to ensure that this doesn’t happen and you have a direct impact on those lives, giving a chance to people – and a cuisine – that is yet to be fully discovered in the jungle of the global market.    


We aim to achieve popularity of Georgian cuisine and offer the best of both worlds, using locally sourced products wherever possible and importing the absolute best from Georgia.

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